Issues With The Tabernacle Temple: Koo-In-Ho

  • In 1976, there was another who also claimed to be the “advocate” on behalf of Jesus
  • Claimed that he had the hidden revelation from Jesus
  • Both joined and left the Olive Tree movement
  • Both joined the Tabernacle Temple
  • Both received a special mission from God and Jesus
  • He opened the book and 7 seals
  • Able to interpret the different pairs of the Bible and secrets
  • “Second Advent Jesus Church”
    Son of man coming in the clouds -> Jesus coming to a flesh (similar explanation as to the WMSCOG)
  • Spreading the new gospel will bring peace on earth
  • Both claim to be the “counselor in flesh”
  • Judgment: kings of the world (pastors) will be judged, similar to SCJ
  • Counselor: The one who received the word of Revelation

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