Revelation 11: Changed Fulfillment Of The 3.5 Days

Lee Man Hee claims to have eaten and received the open scroll, and that he has the full understanding of all of the events in Revelation and their realities from Revelation 1 to 22.

Yet, Lee Man Hee seems to have a misunderstanding of the 3.5 days in Revelation 11.

3.5 Days or Years?

In Revelation 11:9 and Revelation 11:11 it mentions three and a half days during which the two witnesses died and are denied burial. What could the reality of these 3.5 days be? Let us take a look at what Lee Man Hee wrote in Revelation’s Reality (1985) to find the answer.

Excerpt from page 167:

Translation: After three and a half days, a breath of life from God entered into them, and they stood up on their feet, and the onlookers were greatly afraid. When they heard a loud voice from heaven saying, Come up here, they ascended on clouds into heaven. Even the enemies watched (Revelation 11:11-12). The three-and-a-half days suggested in the text means three and a half years, the sum of the actual sentences received by the two witnesses and the probation period.

Lee Man Hee

Excerpt from page 165:

Translation: In this way, they have repeatedly called for repentance and awakening by repeating the same evidence. However, the messengers of the reserve altar and the people would have dismissed it at first, thinking it was just a talk of a poor man. With patience and perseverance, the Witness continued to send letters of testimony. Later, the Seven Heads of Enemies and the group of apostates began to protest, and finally, as described above, they filed a complaint with the prosecution. As a result, the beast that came up from the abyss started a war between the two witnesses.
  As already recorded, the two witnesses were detained by the prosecution and sentenced to one hundred days in prison. One thing we need to understand here is the passage that prevented the burial of his body for three and a half days. In conclusion, prohibiting the burial of the bodies of the two witnesses does not mean killing their bodies or imprisoning them in a brigade for three and a half years, equivalent to three and a half days. Since the two witnesses were detained at the protests that year they began and finished their witnesses, in effect a year passed.

Lee Man Hee

Excerpt from page 166

Translation: He was released in February of the following year. However, when released, the sentence was suspended for two and a half years, and the period of disciplinary action reached three and a half years. Also, the word “killed” does not mean physical death, and the suspension was given so that he could not testify to the word, so he ended up in a dead position.

In other words, the Word is life. The fact that the missionary who had to bear witness to this word of life became unable to do the work was virtually the same as losing his life.

Lee Man Hee

From this it is quite clear and easy to understand what Lee Man Hee is saying. The two witnesses dying is not them physically being killed or even being imprisoned for 3.5 years. Instead, Lee Man Hee explains that the two witnesses were imprisoned for 100 days followed by 2.5 years of probation, during which they could not testify the word, making them effectively dead. However, because they were imprisoned near the end of the year, it was the next year by the time they were released on probation, so Lee Man Hee says this counts as one year. Then it is clear to see that 1 + 2.5 = 3.5 years, and those 3.5 years are the fulfillment of the 3.5 days in Revelation 11. This is summarized on page 167 (referenced above), “The three-and-a-half days suggested in the text means three and a half years, the sum of the actual sentences received by the two witnesses and the probation period.”

Then let us take a look at the current doctrine regarding the 3.5 days in Revelation 11. If Lee Man Hee received the complete understanding of Revelation like he claims, then it should still be the same right? Especially since both of these teachings (1985 and today) are after the fulfillment has taken place, meaning the prophecy has been “unlocked”.

This screenshot is taken from the Revelation 11 lecture published on Youtube by Shincheonji (1:00:28). Interestingly, it states that the reality of the 3.5 days was actually 3.5 days from 30 Jan 1981 to 2 Feb 1981, rather than the 3.5 years taught in 1985. But, perhaps this tribe leader made a mistake. Let us take a look at what Lee Man Hee himself wrote in Physical Fulfillment of Revelation, page 245.

It seems that Lee Man Hee has changed his explanation and the tribe leader was not mistaken. Why Lee Man Hee’s change his story from 3.5 years to 3.5 days?

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