Revelation 13: Who Is The Reality Of The Beast Of The Earth?

Lee Man Hee claims to have eaten and received the open scroll and has the full understanding of all the events of Revelation and their realities from Revelation 1 to 22.

The claims that Lee Man Hee has made include the following statements:

Lee Man Hee saw and heard the physical fulfillment of all the events of the entire Book of Revelation, from Revelation 1 to Revelation 22, and received the explanation of the events from an angel.

Lee Man Hee attained a complete understanding of the entire Bible, and has perceived the true meaning of Revelation and the realities of its physical fulfillment.

Yet, he seems to have a misunderstanding of the reality of the Beast of the Earth.

The Beast of the Earth

Who is the reality of the beast of the earth in Rev 13:11? If you are a particularly diligent SCJ member you might have thought of Q49 of the Examination to put “the new covenant we must keep” into action (75Q):

49. ① Who is the beast “666”? ② Who figuratively represents this beast? ③ Who is its actual entity? ④ Which kingdom does it come from? ⑤ What does it do?

Answer> ① The beast that came out of the earth

② Solomon  

③ Oh ○ Ho

④ The tabernacle of the chosen people, Babylon

⑤ Sets up an image and makes the congregation receive the mark of the beast

The reality of the beast of the earth is said to be Mr. Oh, full name Oh Pyeong-Ho. But if we look at the book ‘Revelation’s Reality’ published in December 1985 it says that the beast of the earth is one of the 17 evangelists turned pastors.

Translation: And by having one of the 17 new pastors stand on the pulpit as a representative to give a benediction, the young-beast (sheep) that was ordained by the beast was brought up from the earth to the platform.

Translation: It is a question of why all the 17 new pastors became beasts, but only the pastor who gave the benediction on this day was called the beast that came up from the earth.

It says that one of the 17 evangelists is the beast of the earth, but Oh Pyeong-Ho is not one of the 17 evangelists? We can check the 17 names above and confirm. Then who is the beast of the earth in this book? It says it was the pastor who gave the prayer of benediction, then let’s look at the ceremony paper to see who this was.

Blue box translation: Benediction … appointed pastor … Pastor Lee Cho-joo

Note on translation: If you use a translation software to translate these sentences it may give a slightly different wording, such as “blessed/blessing” instead of “benediction” or “ground” instead of “earth”. However, the meaning should not change. For example, 축도 means “benediction” and we can see that it appears in all three images above as 축도를, 축도한, and 축도. The suffixes do not change the meaning of the word. But because benediction means a prayer of blessing, and the full Korean word for benediction is 축복 기도 literally meaning “blessing prayer”, it is possible to translate 축도 and it’s variants as “blessing”. By considering all the sentences together we can understand that it’s not saying the pastor who blessed the 17 new pastors was the beast of the earth, but that the pastor who blessed the congregation, i.e. the pastor who gave the benediction was the beast of the earth.

We can see from these excerpts that in 1985 CHJN was teaching that Lee Cho-joo was the beast of the earth, but now he has changed the fulfillment and is teaching that Oh Pyeong-Ho is the beast of the earth. Let’s not forget Rev 22:18-19.

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