Revelation 7 Failed Prophecy: When Will The Great Multitude In White Come?

Lee Man Hee claims to have eaten and received the open scroll, the full understanding of all the events of Revelation and their realities from Revelation 1 to 22.

Yet, Lee Man Hee seems to have a misunderstanding of when the Great Multitude in White comes streaming in.

The Great Multitude in White

This is more of a minor observation but it demonstrates an important point nonetheless. In Revelation 4:6 there is a sea of glass, clear as crystal, before God’s throne which represents God’s Word, flawless and perfect, and this is what Lee Man Hee claims to be testifying. He claims to have God’s Word, clear as crystal, flawless and perfect. It is interesting to note, how much Lee Man Hee’s testimony about the great multitude in white varies each time he testifies.

The One and Only God’s Creation of the Heavens and the Earth: The End of the 6,000-Year World of the Former Heaven and the Creation of the Latter Heaven—the New Heaven and Earth (380219 – 19 Feb 2021)

The new heaven and new earth, that is, Shincheonji (Shincheonji Church of Jesus) became the actual entity of the 144,000 of the 12 tribes, which has been created today by harvesting the ripened wheat of the seed that was sown at the time of the first coming and sealing them. Now, the great multitude in white will rush in from the great tribulation (Revelation 7:9, 14).

Lee Man Hee

Special Letter from the Chairman (370416 – 16 Apr 2020)

We SCJ family know what the beginning and end of Revelation is. And we know the process and order, too. After the great tribulation is finished, the great multitude in white will come, and this is going to be the fulfillment of the word “when the seventh trumpet which is the last is sounded, the kingdom of the world becomes the kingdom of our God.”

Lee Man Hee

To all the congregation members of Shincheonji (370229 – 29 Feb 2020)

And it is written that it is after the great tribulation that the multitude in white will come so this is the order in which this will be fulfilled.

Lee Man Hee

The New Heaven and New Earth That Is Good (380902 – 2 Sep 2021)

The great multitude in white will appear amidst the great trial and great tribulation that has come upon the entire world (Revelation 7:9-14).

Lee Man Hee

The Promised Pastor whom Jesus Promised in the New Testament (Article 1205 ~ 23 Sep 2019)

Shincheonji Church of Jesus is not the subjects of the kingdom, the church of tradition. It is the 144,000 (the priests) created of those who are harvested and sealed as promised when Revelation is fulfilled, and the multitude in white (the people) who came out of every place (nation, tribe, people, and language) on their own after this.  They are the Twelve Tribes, the promised new kingdom and new people.

Lee Man Hee

The above articles directly contradict one another. In some, Lee Man Hee teaches that the great multitude in white will come after the great tribulation is finished, while in others he teaches they will come during the great tribulation. He even explicitly wrote they will come out after the great tribulation is finished, so it cannot be brushed aside as perhaps meaning after the great tribulation has started. These are clearly two different orders of events. As the mouthpiece of God and Jesus, shouldn’t Lee Man Hee’s testimony be clear and consistent?

Furthermore, if you were a member during Year 36 and 37 (2019 and 2020) you surely would have heard during sermons and educations that the great multitude would not need to be evangelized to. You may even recall it was said that the great multitude would start to flood in after seeing the 100,000 graduation. Lee Man Hee himself even said that the great multitude would not need to be evangelized during a sermon on June 6th, 2020, citing that it does not say that they will be evangelized in the Bible. However, it is now taught that the great multitude are currently being evangelized.

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