Revelation: How Many Wars Are There In The Book Of Revelation?

Lee Man Hee claims to have eaten and received the open scroll, the full understanding of all the events of Revelation and their realities from Revelation 1 to 22.

Yet, he seems to have a misunderstanding of the number of wars that appear in Revelation.

The Wars Within Revelation

One of the fundamental aspects of Shincheonji doctrine is that there is an ongoing war between good and evil, between God and Satan. This war is said to be between good spirits and evil spirits and that both types of spirits can affect people in the physical world. It is taught that Revelation as a whole can be summarized by one word: war. However, if we observe the chapters of Revelation in detail it is taught that there are a distinct number of wars within the book. As we established above, Lee Man Hee claims to have seen and heard the physical fulfillment of all the events of the entire Book of Revelation, received the explanation of the events from an angel, perceived the true meaning of Revelation and the realities of its physical fulfillment. As such, Lee Man Hee must know the number of wars fought within Revelation right? This is not a small detail. As we will see, Lee Man Hee has very clearly changed his testimony. Initially he testified that there were two wars in Revelation. He then changed the number to three and later claimed that the third is an extension of the second, to make the final number 2-and-a-half wars. Let us take a look at some excerpts from past articles to see how many wars Lee Man Hee used to teach there were:

‘We, the People of Shincheonji, Have Been Created According to God’s Promise, the New Testament’ (361128 – 28 Feb 2019)

Revelation is what Jesus prophesied and it will end after everything fulfills. What has to be fulfilled are the two wars between God and the devil, the betrayal of the chosen people, and the destruction brought to the chosen people who betrayed by the destroyers. When Jesus the savior and the promised pastor fight and win against the army of the devil, the enemy, then comes the salvation, power, and the kingdom of our God (Revelation 12).

Lee Man Hee

Note the reference is Revelation 12, confirming that this last sentence is again referring to the two wars, not to some third war in Revelation 16 or 18.

‘The Testimony of the Physical Fulfillment (Physical Entities) of Revelation in the New Testament’ (361208 – 8 Dec 2019)

This is the testimony of the physical fulfillment of Rv 1-22. […] There were two wars between those who belong to God and those who belong to the devil. During these wars, the betrayers, destroyers, and saviors appear and they fight each other. The first war was won by the devil, and the second war is won by God.

Lee Man Hee

One could claim that the third war is not mentioned here because it had not taken place at the time this article was written. However, this article also gives a summary of all the events of Revelation including those which have not taken place, such as the first resurrection in Revelation 20. Yet, it does not mention a third war. Instead, it indicates that Revelation 16, 17, and 18 have already been fulfilled. Regardless of any argument of small/large scale fulfillment for Revelation 16 through 18, what is important is that just as in the previous article, Lee Man Hee teaches there are two wars in Revelation.

The following is a brief summary of the events across the chapters of Revelation and their fulfilment. […]This is why Jesus and those who overcame judged Babylon, the kingdom of the false doctrines. Hence, the CCK has practically came to its end. They are the physical entities of fulfillment of Rv 16, 17, and 18. 

Lee Man Hee

In the above referenced articles Lee Man Hee is teaching there are two wars in Revelation. Then, let us take a look at more recent articles to see if the number of wars remains consistent. Again, if Lee Man Hee truly did see all the events of Revelation, then his testimony should not change.

‘The work that Jesus and promised pastor should do in the New testament’ (370512 – 12 Apr 2020)

These three beings appear and have a war at the time of fulfillment of Revelation.  
1st war was the war in Rev 13, 2nd war was the war of Rev 12, and 3rd war was the war of Rev 16,18. The world does not know that because these wars are the spiritual war between churches.

Lee Man Hee

‘Two women and their children from the Revelation’ (370514 – 14 Apr 2020)

The former belongs to God and the latter belongs to the devil, and these two groups fought in Rev 13, 12 and 16. The first war was Rev 13, the second war was Rev 12, and the third war was Rev 16.

Lee Man Hee

‘God who is self-existent’ (371207 – 12 Dec 2020)

Wars take ​place ​in ​​Rv ​13, Rv ​12, ​and Rv 16 ​(first ​war, ​second ​war, ​third ​war).

Lee Man Hee

In the above articles Lee Man Hee is teaching that there are three wars, even though he used to teach there were only two. If he really saw all the events of Revelation why would he not teach there are three wars from the start? Or, if he didn’t know about the third war until it’s fulfillment, how can he claim to have seen all the events of the entire Book of Revelation? He does not claim to have seen all the events that have been fulfilled so far. Lee Man Hee claims to have received the vision of all the events from Revelation 1 to Revelation 22 and received the explanation from an angel, which is how he is able to identify the fulfillment when it takes place. It seems that Lee Man Hee also found this third war odd and decided to backtrack and say it is actually an extension of the second war.

‘The Beginning, End, Objective, and War of Jesus’ Second Coming’ (380122 – 22 Jan 2021)

The obstruction of [God’s] work, and the first and second round of the war: the first round of the war is Rv 13, and the second round of the war is Rv 12 and Rv 16 (Rv 16 can be seen as the third round of the war). Who won? God won. When the war is won, judgment begins.

Lee Man Hee

It is almost as if Lee Man Hee himself is confused about how many wars there should be, initially teaching there are two (Revelation 13, Revelation 12), then adding a third (Revelation 16), before finally settling on two and a half (Revelation 13, Revelation 12 & Revelation 16).

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