Unethical Reporting: Potential Recruits

Part One

Shincheonji leadership constantly spies and reports on potential recruits and current members in order to control and manipulate the Bible study environment. This falls under the “I” in the BITE model for information control: “Encourage spying on other members”.

When being introduced to Shincheonji, the lengthy and thorough reporting begins from the first interaction.

Determining who is ready for a Bible Study

Another major issue with Shincheonji, aside from the obvious amount of lying and deception, is the amount of thorough reporting and spying which takes place without the new recruit’s consent.

Here is a sample report to determine whether or not a person is “worthy” of going to a Bible study:

The fact that Shincheonji has a list to determine whether or not someone is “unworthy” to achieve salvation is already counter to the teachings of Jesus.

This “unworthy” list is in contradiction to the actions and teachings of Jesus, as shown in Luke 15:1-3, Luke 7:34, Mark 2:13-17, to list a few verses.

In fact, the mindset of Jesus was that even if a single sheep was lost, he would leave behind the 99 sheep to find the single sheep (Luke 15:3-7).

A similar level of reporting on new recruits in action can be seen in this German video which has English subtitles. 

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