World Mission Society Church of God Vs. Shincheonji, Part 1:

Both Shincheonji and the World Mission Society Church of God are apocalyptic high control groups, where through fear, guilt, shame, and manipulation and other forms of coercion found in the BITE model, the members are pushed through the dread of living on the precipice of the end of the world.

Emphasis on the “Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven”

Both Shincheonji and the World Mission Society Church of God approach the bible as if it is a big parable, citing Matthew 13:11-15 as their foundation of how both sects approach the bible, alongside Hosea 12:10 and Isaiah 34:16.

Both groups have a “parable dictionary” when approaching the Bible; oftentimes leading to the competing doctrines that contradict each other. More can be read about that here.

Salvation Doctrine

Christian Perspective: Ultimately, it is by the grace of God and the act of what Jesus did on the cross that we are saved. 

When looking at John 19:30 for example, both groups would make the claim that Jesus only meant the fulfillment of prophecy, and after the reference they would then point to Hebrews 9:28, asking the question: how does one wait properly for the Lord? The purpose of this question is to instill doubt that faith in Christ would be sufficient for our sins to be forgiven. 

To quickly counter the above notion that in John 19:30 Christ only meant fulfilling prophecy, we need to look at the original Greek and historical context, something that many Christian cults often ignore. The Greek word used in the above verse is “Tetelestai”, which also translates to “It is Finished” as the text shows. Historically speaking, “The word tetelestai was also stamped or written on business documents and receipts in the days of Jesus. It was meant to evidence that the debt or bill had been ‘paid in full’.” This connection between receipts stamped with the word tetelestai and what Jesus did on the cross was not lost by the Greek-speaking readership. it would be an unmistakable reference that Jesus died for their sins. ( Nor should it be lost by us.” (source)

Oftentimes Christian cults go beyond what Christ did on the cross and add a new set of requirements that are only found in their respective sect. They add their own rules and expectations, often given to their leader by an Angel (Galatians 1:8), and often add a new “secret” and “hidden” character to the mix.


In order to receive salvation, one needs to go to the church where the “One who Overcomes” is found, establishes the 12 tribes and sings the “New Song”.

Instead of salvation by faith and grace, Shincheonji adds the New John person parable, and claims that one must believe Lee Man Hee’s testimony about what he saw and heard on top of what Jesus did on the cross, as this is the “new covenant” that one must keep. The new covenant was hidden away in parables, and by understanding the secret knowledge only found within Shincheonji can one truly receive salvation.

World Mission Society Church of God

In order to receive salvation, one needs to “Seek David” in the last days, the one who re-establishes the passover that had been hidden.

Instead of salvation by faith and grace, the World Mission Society Church of God adds a new character, “god the mother”, and the regulation of keeping the “Hidden Passover.” One must be a member of the church which re-establishes the passover that was allegedly taken away at the Council of Nicea.

The World Mission Society Church of God also believes in the Prophecy of David, which is similar to Shincheonji’s “person parable”. 

In essence, David ruled over Israel for 40 years, and there are references that the “offspring of David” shall rule eternally over God’s people in Revelation 22:16 and Revelation 3:7. Going beyond the Biblical context, the WMSCOG believes that Jesus only partially fulfilled this requirement, since Jesus only ministered for 3 years. So, in order to truly fulfill the Root of David prophecy, Christ needs to return with a “new name” in order to fulfill the remaining 37 years. This is where Ahn Sahng-Hong steps in as the second coming of Christ with a “New Name.” In addition, the World Mission Society Church of God teaches that faith and worship of “god the mother” is required for salvation.

Just like how the bride is revealed at the end of the wedding banquet in the book of Revelation, the World Mission Society Church of God claims that god the mother could not be revealed until the age of the Holy Spirit (during Ahn Sahng Hong’s ministry according to the WMSCOG).

Click here for more details about the “Prophecy of King David”.

Both Shincheonji and the WMSCOG claim, whether directly or indirectly, that what Christ did on the cross is no longer enough. Instead, one needs to have faith in Christ and another entity, whether it is faith in Lee Man Hee, Ahn Sahng Hong or “god the mother” in order to be saved.

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